BlackHat-Make $200 per day Guaranteed

Hello, welcome to, Today I tell you How to Make money $200 per day yes, this is real and this is black-hat tricks, so don't forget please read them.

Step 1: you will need to create an email address for your online money-making activities google mail will be fine.

Step 2: you will need to register an affiliate account on these 2 websites

Select Pay Per Click Program

Select Pay Per Free Sign Up

you should now receive your referral URLs

Step 3 :

We will now hire some cheap workers so you will need to register an account at the site below. I believe you will need to make a $5 deposit to post a Project which is refundable.

Post a Project, something along the lines of this.

Title: Account creation for dating site US ips needed long term work needed.


– I need 50-100 accounts created on 2 dating sites using account details from or accounts must be activated and confirmed via email. –
1 USA IP address per account preferable using program called IP Rental. – Cookies cleared every account – Web browser changing I recommend using the “user agent switcher” tool for firefox. – M/F Ratio Male 60% Female 40% I was paying $0.10 -$0.30 per account and getting paid $1.00 to $3.00 per account.

Once you receive some Pms tell the bidders to add you on an instant messenger to talk further this will help you avoid the fees. Get them to complete 10 trial sign-ups. Check your stats if you are credited for the sign-ups you have found your man for the job.

Step 4:

To ensure you do not get a 100% success rate and to avoid getting banned you will need to buy some cheap traffic example or normally the rate is 10,000hits = $10. you
need to aim for around a 10% success rate so 10 hits: 1 sign-ups 10,000hits: 1000 sign-ups = $1000 -$3000

Step 5:

Once you can see the traffic flowing in from your stats get your worker to begin creating accounts daily, I suggest starting off small help not get your account banned. Example week 1: 10 daily per dating site week 2: 20 daily per dating site week 3: 30 daily per dating site and so on.

That is all you need to do, now sit back make a coffee and let the money roll in.

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