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Hello, Friends Welcome To Fast2way.com  Today I Talking About How To Add watsapp chat button on your website or Blog and use the WhatsApp link direct message to other people and client, read the full post. Whatsapp chat button  on website

Do you want to add whatApp, Messenger Chat button to your website? Are you in the search for 100% chat button for a website?

Whatsapp chat button on website

Whatsapp chat button Add on website

WhatsApp live chat button is considered the best and it's a personal messaging app, so anyone gets interacted with it easily and so is also the Messenger and telegram chat button. These are all such chat buttons that have website owners and customers can benefit both

How to integrate WhatsApp & Messenger Live Chat Button on Website?

Firstly open the google search engine type was help then search it. after open, the webpage click on this link whatshelp open it.

Click on Get Access then Register Now then Login and choose the social button and get the widgets code, after that copy, the code then goes blog website and past the code in <head>  tag then save it, now add social live chat button on your website blog.

Whatsapp chat button on website

How to integrate WhatsApp & Messenger Live on Wordpress website

WordPress's User-friendly CMS and India's top development companies, blogs have all used WordPress. There are many reasons for this,

To set up a chat button on the WordPress website, you have to follow 3 steps.

1. WhatsHelp Plugin will have to install.

2. Generate Chat Button Code Generate

3. It has to be done by implementing the code.

Just like we can install and activate all the other plugins, just like we can do the WhatsHelp plugin too. After logging in to the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins> Add New plugin and search for WhatsHelp in search and install the first plugin 100% free. watsapp chat button on website

Last and Best Trick create a Whatsapp chat Link

whatsapp coding in html

Type this code on your chat box = type country code after that type your number.

<a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/sendphone=91xxxxxxxxxx&text=Hi%20we%20need%20help%20regarding%20something" class="applyinfo-btn">start chat

showing the API code past in your chat box or directly click on this link to send a message, In This  Link set own message and Number, sendphone= "Enter own Mobile Number', tex= Type your own message what you say then send it,

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