How to write and publish a new post after creating a blog?

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How to write Blog Post

Before writing a new post, it is important to know that: -

  • The post you wrote is not copyright and does not mean copying from another blog or website.
  • Posts must be at least 500-700 words.
  • Do not make the photo search by searching Google directly, otherwise, it will be copied photo.
  • You can upload images or photos to your blog by downloading from sites like Pixabay.

Before Writing  a New Blog Post Know about BLOG side Option

  • Labels:-  Using a Label Option select PAGE BY PAGE SEPARATE  POST, Example, you create a new label for gadget page and label page URL set in gadget page, then automatically post-show on the gadget page.
  • Schedule:- Using a Schedule Option set a blog post time, write a blog post any time but you want to not post at a time, then you arrange this post on the time, then this post automatically posts on the time.
  • Permalink:- Permalink using for URL shorting, Suppose the title of your post has been very large, you can make that title smaller, its help for SEO Optimizing.
  • Search Description:-  This option using for a meta tag, you write any topic post, write here title  and other tags
Now let us Talk About How To Write New Blog Post. How to write Blog Post

How to write a new post on the blog?

  1. Firstly you go Blogger Dashboard Account Login.
  2. Then Click on New Post
  3. Now Open The Blank Page Like showing the Fig.
How to write Blog Post

  How to write Blog Post   

➤First of all, you write the titles of the post titles. The post title should be relayed from your post.

The title should be that the visitors who read your post, just read the title and understand what your post is relieved.

Write a post in the blank part 

I am looking forward to your post. If you have any tips for finding a nice post, please visit the blog or visit the blog or any other website that has a nice look and feel about the attractive page.

Write a Sentence in small paragraphs

Written in a paragraph. This will make your post look beautiful and the visitor will also be able to read your post.

➤  Use bold, italic, underline and color

Click on the Label and select Blog Page 

➤ If the title of your post has grown, then the use of permalink, if small the blog post title then do not use it. it is helping you for ranking your post on google search engine

➤  Use the Tag, in the search Description option, you want to generate blog post tag then go on this site 

➤ After Completed All Processes Check this post Click On Preview Option after that Click on Post Option.

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