How to get google adsense account approved 2019 Tricks

Hello, Friends Welcome To My Blog, Today I talking about How To Get Google Adsense account approved 2019 Tricks,  Read The Full Post and Get Approved your Adsense Account For your Blog / Website.

After creating a new blogger blog, immediately apply for google adsense due to non-availability, due to which his blog cannot get Adsense account approval. The reason for this is that your blog is not following all the rules of Google Adsense policy. If your blog website is not getting Google Adsense approval, then you should read this post well and follow the Adsense approval trick described in your blog. If you have not  blog/website create now > How to earn money by creating your own Blog/website

How to get google adsense account approved 2019 Tricks

Google AdSense is the best way to put ads on the blog website, but it is important to have your AdSense account approved. Friends, I will tell you some trick by using which you can get Google Adsense to account approval.

Google Adsense Approval Trick

Note:- Before you apply Google Adsense, it is important to have some important pages in our blog, which are mentioned below.

1. About Us: - Write something about yourself and your blog on this page. Which means your blog reader and Google know what your blog is like.

2. Privacy Policy: - In the Privacy Policy page, explain the policy of your blog and also explain what kind of information you give on your site and which company's ads use. And what your visitor can do on your site - or all the information must be written in your Privacy Policy page.

3. Contact Us: - Create a contact us page in your blog and tell you how to contact it yourself. Add a personal contact email id as well, with the help of which your visitor can contact you.

4. Disclaimer:-  In Disclaimer you will show that this blog is yours Generate Disclaimer

After making these pages, you must put them in the menu and footer of the blog. After this, we have to do more to get the Google Adsense approval, whose information is given below.

How to Google AdSense account approved

1. Blog Template Design: - Before applying for Google AdSense, check your blog well if your blog is good design. A blog should be designed to show all the containers so that there is no problem reading the visitor. The template should be mobile friendly and use the simple template as far as possible in your blog. Apart from this, there should be no animation in your blog nor any footer that is empty.

2. Blog Post: - Before Applying Adsense, your blog should have at least 30 - 50 posts. And all the posts should be good, do not do it, write anything and post it. The post should contain at least 800 words and use the image to explain the post, but it should not contain more image. Also, post the post better by using bold and italic in the post. post contains image copyright should not be at all, if your post contains anything copyright, your AdSense account will not be able to get approval. How to write and publish a new post after creating a blog?

3. Submit blog website search engine: - Your blog and blog's sitemap must be submitted in the search engine like Google search console and Bing yahoo index. So with google and all the search engines know about your blog and it is able to index your blog post which will increase the traffic of your blog. How to Submit Your Website to Google How to index website on google search in 12 hours

4. Blog Traffic: - To get adsense, it's very important to have traffic on your blog. The daily traffic of the blog should be at least 200-300 and the Alexa rank should be below 10,00,000. The more traffic on the blog, the faster your blog will be approved for Adsense. According to Google AdSense policy, blogs made in India should be less than six months old for AdSense approval.

But today there is also a blogger who has approved google adsense for 10 to 15 days for his blog. The only reason for this is that the traffic of his blog is very high and he has designed his blog very well. To increase the blog traffic, submit your blog to google search engine and it is like and submit it to all the search engines and do the SEO blog well. Also share your posts on social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Google Adsense Privacy Policy: - When you apply for google adsense, read their Privacy Policy well. If there is something on your blog that is against the Google Adsense privacy policy, then correct it first. Then apply for Google Adsense only.

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