Xiaomi's V/s RealMe Comparison | Performance Powerhouse | Specification

Xiaomi's reign within the budget house is being challenged all over again. The challengers have done their school assignment and area unit over prepared. RealMe, a young and online-only phone complete, is transportation within the disruption. The budget house is not any longer concerning cutting corners and excusable trade-offs. The fierce competition between Xiaomi and RealMe is pushing an envelope for a budget smartphone. most significantly, it's placed Xiaomi during a spot

and that too, for a budget smartphone. We’ve seen a similar banter between Samsung and Apple, albeit over their respective flagships.
It’s to be noted that Mi India offers the only budget to mid-range smartphones in India.
You have to give it to RealMe for launching its first phone with AI-powered chipset and software optimized to make the best of it. The RealMe 1 launched barely a month ago and made it to the best sellers list. In response, Xiaomi has unveiled the Redmi Y2 to rival the RealMe 1. The new Redmi Y2 features a 16-megapixel AI-selfie and LED selfie light that is claimed to deliver better photos even in low-light situations. Xiaomi is cheekily wording its social and promotional posts poking OPPO’s expertise in selfies and beautification software. However, Xiaomi’s approach appears to be more of software-based since the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC doesn't feature any AI-specific module.
Meanwhile, RealMe 1's modest 13-megapixel camera already offers AI-selfie features along with AI Beauty software integration. Final images can be expected to be better. Due credit goes to the octa-core MediaTek Helio P60 chipset that packs a dual-core APU module for powering AI tasks. Besides that, the RealMe 1's Helio P60 can knock the Snapdragon 625-powered Redmi Y2 out of the park in benchmark tests.

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