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South Korea's mobile maker Samsung's flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 series leaked reports are coming out. Three variants will be released under the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, but recently the price of the Galaxy S10 variants has leaked. Not only that, speculation is being made that Samsung is also working on accessories of the Galaxy S10.

Tech retailer Gizmodo UK reports the price of the three variants of the Galaxy S 10 series. In the US, Galaxy S10 Lite can cost 5.8 inches and 128 GB of storage at 669 Great Britain pounds (about 60,500 rupees). Remember, the Galaxy S9's initial price in the US is 739 Great Britain Pound (about 66,800 rupees). In India, it was lowered to Rs 57,900.

Galaxy S10 will have a 6.1-inch display, which can cost 799 Great Britain pounds (about 72,200 rupees). 128 GB storage variants will be sold at this price. At the same time, its 512 GB storage variant can be launched in 999 Great Britain pounds (about Rs 90,300). Samsung's premium variant Galaxy S10 + 128GB storage variant is available at 899 Great Britain pounds (about 81,200 rupees), its 512 GB variant can be lowered to 1,099 Great Britain pounds (about Rs 99,300). It is reported in the report that a 1 TB variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 + can also be launched. This model will be priced at 1,399 Great Britain pounds (about Rs 1,26,400). This variant will be a special edition which can come with a 6.7-inch display and six cameras.

In addition to the price, Gizmodo UK's report revealed that the Galaxy S10 can be launched during the Samsung Unpacked Event held before Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. After the launch, handset pre-order booking will start and smartphones will be available for sale from March 8. The availability date of the handset can be different everywhere. It has been said in the report that in addition to Infinity-O display in the Galaxy S10, there will also be an in-display fingerprint sensor for security.

SamMobile has also leaked Galaxy S10 accessories. Hopefully, they can be launched with new flagship variants. The list includes the Galaxy S10 Silicon, S-View Flip and LED Wallet Cover. It is being said that the company will bring S-view Flip Color, Protective Stand, and Silicon Cover to the three variants. However, a leather cover for the premium variant is also expected to be released.

For the Samsung Galaxy S10, the S-view flip cover will be black, white and yellow, while the silicon cover will be lowered in white, blue, black and navy colors. Leather cover can be launched in black and navy colors, in the Rugged Protective cover in Silver, Black, White and Blue colors. At the same time, the LED wallet cover is expected to be released in white, black and green colors.
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