Oppo will introduce the first 5G smartphone in 2019

OPPO's 5G phone

Company's assistant VP Shane Yaren informed about OPPO's 5G smartphone. Shane Yaren has given some details about the company's upcoming innovations. They say that OPPO's 5G smartphone is under construction and it will be made available for mass months in 2019. Let's say that OPPO's R & D department has been working on Triple Camera, Variable Appreteret, Artificial Intelligence, Face Unlock and Super VOOC Factors for the last few years.

OPPO has already joined hands with Qualcomm for 5G solutions. The company also established the Research Institute in March for 5G and Artificial Intelligence. It is being speculated that next year, the company will bring 5G smartphones with the company chip maker Qualcomm. In addition to Oppo, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and LG are also working on a 5G smartphone.

China's smartphone maker Oppo is also working rapidly at 5G. Apart from this, Oppo has also successfully completed the testing of multi-party video call on a smartphone through a 5G network using Vicat in December. This video call is done on Oppo's R15 based 5G smartphone and it ran on a 5G network for 17 minutes with a bandwidth of 100MHz. Now this year, the company can present this technology to the public.

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