How to use tor browser | what is tor browser | Benefit of using Tor Browser

Hello, friends Welcome to fast2way Today we are going to tell you Tor Browser Kya Hai If you also want to save your personal details from being a leak on the internet, then you are reading the right post. And with that, you will also tell us Tor Browser Use Karne Ke Fayde.

How to use tor browser | what is tor browser | Benefit of  using Tor Browser

How to Install Tor Browser

Whatever we search on the Internet, information is saved to Google. Or any activity that we do on computer and mobile can hack a hacker. So if you want to hide your identity on the Internet, Tor Browser is the best way to do it. Which about today we are going to talk about.

Now know Tor Browser Kaise Use Kare If you also want to use it, then read this post. What is Tor Browser in Hindi? Only then will you get all the information and you will be able to use it.

What is the tor browser?

Tor Browser is a browser through which you can keep your real identity hidden on the Internet. It provides a type of security to the user so that their information remains hidden. Through this, you can also open the blocked website.

How to use tor browser fast2way

or Browser was created in 1990 by Paul Syverson, Michael G. Reed and David Goldschlag in the United States Naval Research Laboratory. Tor Browser is also called The Onion Router. When you visit a website on the Internet, your Ip Address is reached by the owner of the website.

Along with this, the information on your device is also reached. The Tor Browser changes the Ip Address used in your computer and mobile. Leaving your original Ip Address hidden.

How to Download Tor Browser?

Download Tor Browser - Download Tor Browser, First of all, you can download Tor Browser according to your operating system like your operating system.

Install Tor Browser - After installing Tor Browser, now install it.

Open Tor Browser - Now you can use it by opening Tor Browser.

How to use Tor Browser?

  • After installing Tor Browser, if you want to change its Install Location then you can change it. You have to select the Browse option of Install Location.
  • Once the browser is installed, a folder is created under the name of Tor Browser, where all the files in your Tor Browser will be stored. It will contain a file on which the Start Tor Browser is written.
  • Then you get two options: Connect and Configure If you want to connect directly to the Tor Browser, click Connect. And if you want to configure Proxy Setting, click Configure. After that, you connect to the Tor Browser.

The benefit of Using tor Browser?

  • With the help of Tor Browser, you can hide your Ip Address. 
  • And through this, you can also run Block Website. 
  • You can use secure communication from the Tor Browser. 
  • And also encrypt your data.
  • Through this, all the details of your internet can be saved even by hacking.

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