How to upload your photo on Google Search Engine

Do you want to see your photo on Google I will tell you today? How to upload photos to Google?

Friends! Today Google is the world's number one search engine. If we want a shortened short question. So we immediately take help from Google Baba. In turn, our answer is also found. Everybody wants to be popular today. He has this desire. Whenever a person searches for a name in Google then immediately my photo and must. I feel like this.

How to upload your photo on google

So you also want to cast your impression in your friends. Then read this post fully. Because, today, I'm going to tell you how to upload photos to Google.

Note: Keep friends in mind. There is no direct method to insert photos into Google. For this, you will have to do some different ways. Below it is some methods. Using which you can put your own photo on google.

  • Social media
  • YouTube
  • Blog/Website

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You may be thinking How is this possible. How can we get our images to You can bring it all. But how do you index google photo before so on? Must understand about it.

So you must know. Google is a search engine. It shows in whatever image result. That is the result of a website. It means that the photos are put on a website. And when google scans that page So that indexes images along with that web page.

Where you have been asked to insert the photo below. Rename images before uploading images here. Because, friends, when we pull a photo from a camera or mobile, the name of default is deleted in this way. For ex: 1154841.jpg or 2018-02-04.jpg edit it and enter your name. For ex: Ramesh.jpg, Raju.png, Poonam.jpg etc. If you will not do this. So when you search for your name, your photo will not come in Google.

How to upload photos to Google? 

1. Social media: First of all you have a social media platform. Such as facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. You have to upload your profile picture on it. But remember, before uploading any picture, change its name.

2.YouTube: You might think this way. That is, YouTube is a video site. But how will the images come from? Friends, first of all, you have to upload a video to YouTube. And after uploading, click on the costume thumbnail in that video and upload your own picture. At last, let's publish that video publicly.

3. Blog / Website: Blogs are the last and best way to blog. With the help of this method, you can put your unlimited photos on Google. How is that? First of all, you will have to create a website or blog. You might have been a bit upset now. Website! I do not have that But there is no need to change. How to create a website? From here you can create your own free blog. Now you have to do another job. We have to create a new blog post on it. The number of photos you want in that post. Upload as many as possible. Finally, publish the post. Your photos will arrivGoogleoogle in 5-6 days.
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