How to make an app Easy step | Build your own app

Do you want to make your own Android One? That's not technically knowledgeable but I have an app with 5 minutes of banana? If you want to appear in a function or if you want to work in a pharmacy or any other website or blog, then the user can open a blog from the app to open it. Build your own app

 Build your own app

Build Android Apps only 5min

I do not need to do any course in the way I am going to tell you, And there is no need to learn any programming language, You can develop apps without learning anything, just follow the rules. and Build your own app

To design and design an Android app, you need to design an independent android app for Android app, and if you decide to do the same language of your language, then you can choose another language and then you can design it for 5 minutes.   Build your own app

Follow the Steps

1. Open the Appsgeyser website

Open the Browser search on the google appsgeyser and open the first link or Click to open Build your own app

Build your own app

2. Click on the Create app

After that SignUp, your Account click on SignUp Option and Enter the email Id and click to create, then go to your Gmail account inbox and Verify link,

Build your own app

3. Choose the Category What apps do you have to make. 

Build your own app

4. Now Write the app Description 

5. Customize the app Themes Color and background.

After that click on next option and enter the app name and choose an app icon,  after that click on create now,

Build your own app

Then Click on Download app Now Buil your own app 
scroll to the page Now you will see that you can download this app by scanning a bar code and uploading this app to the Play Store.

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