How to earn money from Facebook? Genuine Ways to Earn From Facebook

Friends, you must do chatting on FB. So would you like to know how to earn money from Facebook? Perhaps you might have been a little sad. But this is absolutely true. In today you'll be the key to earning money from the world's most popular social media app. Friends are talking about Facebook. Everyone is bent on chatting on day-to-day FB. But just a few people who are making money with Facebook as well as chat.

How to earn money from Facebook?

Perhaps you may not know but today there are hundreds of millions of websites in the world. But, is the site ranked 3rd in the world. There were 2.20 billion users in the first quarter of this site in 2018. From this, you can get an idea of how popular this site is. People in India are active on this day and night. That's why I'm going to tell you how to make money from facebook today.

How to earn money from Facebook?

1. Instant Article:-

The official way to earn from facebook instant article or an FB is by way. That means we do not have to contact any third party in this manner. Facebook is the only ads in our article.

But to join or sign up the Facebook instant article, it is also important to have a blog along with the page. The blog itself is the website itself. On which articles are read. If you want, you can create your own free website right now.

If you have both Facebook page and blog So FB can sign up for an instant article. After creating an account, you will have to connect to your blog by verifying it.

In the next steps, you will need to enter some important details in the Facebook audience network and create ad units. After all, this, whenever you will share the facebook link of your article. Facebook will start showing ads on your article. After that whenever your audience will read that article and click on the ad which will be showing. You will get the money for every single click

2. Monetize Facebook videos:-

Another official way to make money from Facebook is to monetize those videos. The way we can make money from youtube by putting videos on youtube, In the same way, we have to upload videos on our page and monetize those videos.

But unfortunately, it has not yet been launched in India. As soon as we have an update. We will notify you. But now you are telling this to you. Because this is the official way from which you can earn. The rest of the people in this country are doing very well.

Have some patience, because it is going to be launched in India soon. As long as you keep uploading restricted videos on it and gradually keep increasing your number of followers. Because when you come to this feature India, if you have more than 2000 followers, then you can also earn by streaming live.

3. Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn on today's date. There are many people who are earning in lakhs through it. 

It is called Affiliate Marketing, helping friends or company to sell its products and taking rewards in return. Like, Amazon is a very popular e-commerce website. If we join their affiliates program. So we can promote any product you like from this website. In return, they can also get a commission from them. Know about the details in it. Then follow the link above.

The percent of a commission of all the products is already fixed. Like I took the example of the mobile above So it comes in the category of electronics. According to Amazon affiliates terms, 4% commission is available on electronic devices. If I sell a phone at a price of Rs 10,000, then I would get Rs 400. Meet on each cell. So the more your followers, the more money you can get from Facebook. How to earn money from affiliate marketing for information in details? You can read it now.

4. CPA Marketing:-

The CPA's full form is Cost Per Action. It is known only by its name that we get per action money in this marketing. That action can happen in any form. Such as visit link, download app, register for course, sign up, enter email or phone number, etc. Only our user should give a response to that action.

Selling Product is much more chances of more actions than sales. So, Facebook can earn good money from CPA marketing. Here below are some top CPA marketing

5. Promote other websites & businesses:-

If any facebook page is a brand. Then it can become a way to earn money for another promotional platform and page owner for other people.

There are lots of ways to do marketing. From that, there is a facebook marketing quite popular method. So if there are more followers on any page. So these people advertise on Facebook for their promotion. If you have a more audiences facebook account then these people will contact you. You do not have to do much in this. Just have to share one of their links on your page. We can charge fees per 1000 to 1500 instead of per link.

6. Link shorting:-

In this method, you also have to send links only. But there is only the difference between the above and this method. You have to wait for a site owner to contact you in the above method. But you have to join the links shorting website.

Link shorting means: The technique of linking any large URL to short is called link shortening.

Example:- This short URL will look like this short:-

There are many such sites on the internet now. Which provides links to other people. That URL can belong to anything. Such as music, video, blog post, etc. We just have to create an account on this link shorting website. Here is how to advertise your payment details. In the end, sharing the links of popular websites to your Facebook friends, group and page.

This is some popular and trusted Link shorting websites. On which you can join ...

7. Sell or promote own products:-

If you have a product of your own. So you can get facebook help to generate revenue from them. You can sell it directly or promote it for one.

Suppose we have a website or youtube channel of our own. So we can get traffic and visitors from Facebook. Which will make our blog good earnings. Or, any writer inside us is hidden and we can write something nice. So we can make money by creating an ebook and selling it in a complete amount.

8. Sell your facebook page:-

Let's say we have an old facebook page that has a lot of likes. For example, 10000-15000 likes pages we do not want to run We can earn money from facebook by selling it. but the problem is that there is no branded website to do this process.

That is why we have to brainstorm in selling the page. For this, we can join a forum. Websites can do with contact with the owners. Can tell them that I have a page that wants to sell it in 15000 likes and Now these honors require a lot of traffic. So those people may consider our deal for their benefit. In this way, we can earn money by selling facebook page.

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