How to earn money by creating your own Blog/website

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How to earn money by creating your own Blog

How To Make Money With Blog / Website

The best way to make money online is to blog - blogging. Today, many people are earning millions of rupees per month sitting in the house by blogging. If you want to earn money from Blogging, then today we will tell you about blogging in such a simple and easy way, so that you can easily make your own blog and earn a lot of money.

What is a blog?

When we write our knowledge, thoughts, and experiences regularly in the form of a website, this is called a blog. Through the blog, you can write your thoughts and experiences freely. You can create blogs on any topic. You can make your blog related to the area in which you are interested.

By creating a blog where you can share your knowledge, thoughts, and experiences with people, by creating a blog, you can earn money online from the internet by sitting in the house. Age does not matter for this. You can do this work at any age. There are many people who made their blog in 50 years and today they are earning a lot of it.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way to keep a blog alive. When you create your own blog and write articles regularly on it, then this work will be called Blogging.

There are usually two purposes for people to blogging -

1. Share your knowledge, thoughts, and experience free of charge.

2. Make money from your knowledge, thoughts, and experiences.

You may have any of these objectives. Altogether, we can say that we have blogged, to create a blog and to work on it.

Difference between blog and website

There is not much difference between blogs and websites. If we call any blog website then it does not make any difference. Talking about differences between blogs and websites, we can say that all blogs are websites but not all website blogs.

Speaking in easy language, we can say that you have to write articles regularly in a blog. In the blog, we keep giving detailed information about a topic while not on the website. The website does not need to be written every day. All information is updated at just once.

How to get money from a blog?

Getting money from blogging is very easy. You must first create an account in Adsense. After this, you will have to give your Bank Account information to Adsense.

When you have $ 100 for Adsense, Adsense will automatically transfer all the money to your bank account, which you can withdraw at any time. Now you may have come to know how to get money from blogs (Blogging is the right way).

How to earn money by creating your own blog

How to make money from blogging step by step

1. Choose the topic for your blog

This is the first step to creating a blog. If you are thinking of creating a blog, then first you have to choose the topic of your blog. When choosing the topic of the blog, people often make mistakes. He starts his blog on any topic, because of which he has to face many problems in the future.

Make your blog on the subject in which you have interest and knowledge. When you have a thorough knowledge of that subject, you will be able to tell it more clearly about that topic. Apart from this, if you have any questions related to that subject, then there will be no problem in answering you. If you want you can write on more than one topic in your blog.

Step 2 - Create your own blog on which platform

When you think about what topic I want to make my blog. After that, you have to decide on which platform I want to make my blog. By the way, many platforms are available for creating blogs, but most people use two platforms.

1. Blogger - If you want to start in the field of Blogging, then this platform will be the best for you because it is free. You will not have any money in it. This is Google's product so you do not have to doubt it. Talking about the shortage, it is only that you can not customize your blog more on this. Apart from this, there is a shortage and there is little money in it.

2. WordPress - This Platform is for those who can initially invest money. In it, you get many options to customize your blog. Apart from this, you do not have much problem in keeping your blog in mind. You get more money from this.

Note:- You should make your own blog on Blogger because it is free. When your money starts coming, you can make your blog on WordPress.

Step 3 - Choose the right Domain Name for your blog

The domain name is also available in free and you can also buy it. If you want to buy domain names, always buy from GoDaddy. Always buy domain names with .com only. Whenever you buy a domain name, keep in mind that it should be short, easy and easy to miss. Buy a domain with the same name as your blog. Like my blog's name - Blog Vatika then my domain name is also

Step - 4 Buy Hosting for Your Blog

Hosting means a place where you can save all the things on your blog. You can also get it in both free and paid methods. If you want free hosting then you should always use Blogger ( hosting.

Step - 5 Choose a theme for your blog

Use a theme that is Neat and Clean for your blog. The theme of your blog will be as clean as possible, and you will have the same benefit in the future. Themes are also of two types - Free and Paid. In the beginning, use the free theme

In Blogger, you will find many free themes. Do not use Crack Theme altogether, otherwise, your blog or website may be hacked. When choosing a theme, keep in mind that the theme of your blog should also be responsive. Meaning if you want to run your blog on a mobile, then it will not have any problem.

Step 6 - Create the necessary page for your blog

Note:- You must create 4 pages in your blog, otherwise you will not be able to earn Earning from your blog. These are 4 pages -

1. About Us - This will tell you briefly about yourself and your blog.

2. Contact Us - You will need to provide your contact details so that someone can contact you.

3. Privacy Policy - This will tell you about your blog's Privacy Policies.

4. Disclaimer - You will have to give your disclaimer details in it.

Step 7 - Write a post for your blog

Now you can start writing posts according to your topic on your blog. When writing a post, keep in mind that post should be written in at least 700 words. Write simple and easy language, so that everyone understands the information you give. Do not copy-paste at all.

Step 8 - Make SEO of Your Blog (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. You must have seen when a lot of blogs or websites are opened when you search for something on Google. Of them, we only open up to 2-3 websites. Leave the website below. This means that if your blog or website does not come in the top three results, then there will be no importance.

People do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your blog in the top three results. Whose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is good, its blog or website will be the first to come. Whose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not good, its blog or website will be left behind.

Step 9 - Extend the traffic of your blog

To make money from your blog, it is important that people come to your blog and read the information given in it. If you write your article well and do SEO properly, then in 2 to 3 months, a lot of people will start coming to your blog.

You can also promote your blog if you wish. Apart from this, you can share the articles of your blog on social media as well. This will bring more people to your blog. This means that traffic to your blog will increase. The more traffic your blog gets, the more money you earn

Step 10 - Add Your Blog to Adsense

To make money from blogging, you need to add your blog to Adsense. Only after adding your blog to Adsense can you earn from your blog. Now you should be wondering what is this Adsense?

Adsense is a product of Google that works as a bridge between you and the advertiser. All the advertisers as well, they give all their ads directly to you and give it to the company named Adsense. This company imposes an ad in your blog.

Until now you will not be connected to this company, who will give you Ad, and unless you get Ad, then where will you earn? That's why you have to connect with Adsense.

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