How to Become Hacker | How To Learn Hacking | Hacking Courses

How to Become Hacker | How To Learn Hacking:-  If you want to learn to hacking, then this information is going to be helpful for you. Hacking is a different field, it is not easy to have a career in it and to have success. There should be something like this in a hacker, Strong Attitude, the ability to always learn and always learn something new.

How to Become Hacker | How To Learn Hacking

How do you go hacker (ARE YOU HACKER)

How do we know whether our passion is in hacking or in another field?

1. If I do not get any money in the work of hacking and no names can be found, then will I work in hacking? If the answer is coming then it is the sound of your heart that you should fulfill it and if the answer is no, do not do this work.

2. Can I please myself in the hacking work and help the people in this work? If the answer is yes, then leave it alone.

3. Am I ready to suffer any pain to learn hacking? I mean you can become bored while learning languages ​​and coding so that's why

To Become a Hacker Follow the 10 Best Tips

1. Basic Knowledge of Computer:-  Where Programming Languages ​​and Codings are used, Hacking is Possible, so you can now understand that said programming language is used. Today, the programming language is used in devices such as computers, mobile. And the most used is on the computer. So the first step to learning hacking is that you must have basic computer information.

2. Learn the Operating System:-  After getting the Basic Knowledge Gain, it is important to understand all kinds of operating systems used in computers. Just like the use of the Android Operating System in mobile, the computer uses operating systems like Windows, Apple Mac or Linux. To learn the operating system, you can read by buying Online Books or you can also learn by reading the articles on the Internet and watching videos on YouTube.

3. Learn UNIX/LINUX Operating System:-  It is important to study UNIX / LINUX and Kali Linux for hacking. UNIX / LINUX is an open source operating system that provides better security for computer systems. This system was developed by AT & T (Bell Labs). You can install Linux's Open Open Source Version in your computer if you wish. Why creating a hacker without having to learn UNIX / LINUX is impossible.

4. Learn Coding Language:-   C Programming UNIX / LINUX is the base of learning. Linux operating system is coded with C programming.

5. Learn HTML CSS:-  HTML is a basic coding language. The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. If you go to a computer institute to learn a course of Hacking, you will first be taught HTML, after which the hacking course will be carried forward. Learning HTML is quite easy. After HTML, learning CSS is a Cascading style sheet. Learning HTML 5 and CSS 3 in seven days

6. Learn Programming Language:-  To keep the system safer, one programming languages ​​is available more than one. Hacker's work is broken by breaking these programming languages ​​and removing the damasks and improving it. In short, a hacker is required to play with the daily programming language, so it is important to have a beginner hacker expert in a programming language. There are many programming languages ​​that can be learned by installing in your computer. Such as Java, Python, PHP, C +, Ruby, Perl, etc.

7. Learn Networking Concept:-  The tips that make hackers successful and careers are that hackers should have a good understanding of networking concept. Beginners try to understand what the network is and how the network is created. Each device and system are connected to each other through the networking system while hacking, Black Hackers tries to hack into the networking system by cracking it.

8.  Learn Cryptography and Reverse Engineering:-  If you want to be a successful hacker, then be a master at Art Of Cryptography. Encryption and Decryption are the key skills for hacking. Everybody is made up of network password and such information network is called Encrypted. And when we hack the system, it takes encrypted codes to break the password, which is called Decryption.

9. Know about hacking and make experiments:-  Practice is the main point of hacking! After learning everything, you have to keep doing related practice by hacking, as a sportsman has to practice, as well as hacker also has to practice for best performance. So friends practice practicing and make yourself experts by doing new experiments.

10. final and Best Tips for Hacker:-  Whatever the program is, there is a weakness and weakness is the weakness of the program and the strength of the hacker. Find out a defective Hole in programs or systems so that you can enter the system. Find all the labels in the tax system, such as Scanning, Network Testing,

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