7 Best Ways to Make Money from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the first choice for every Smartphone user. You may also use WhatsApp, but do you know that you can make money from WhatsApp. So friends today, we are going to tell you about the best ways to earn money from WhatsApp.

7 Best Ways to Make Money from WhatsApp

As you know, WhatsApp is the most commonly used app, therefore it is possible to make money from WhatsApp. If we say in simple words then there is no such feature in WhatsApp that you can make money. But you can definitely earn money from Whatsapp.

There are several ways to make money from WhatsApp that you can earn as much money as you want. It depends entirely on you and the best part is that you do not have to pay any money to work. Sitting can earn money.

Things to do to make money from WhatsApp

First of all, it is important for you to know that what you need to do to make money from WhatsApp, which you can earn from Whatsapp, let's know about them.

1. Must be a Smartphone

2. Have a Gmail Account

3. Should have Internet Connection

4. Have WhatsApp Groups

5. Too many WhatsApp numbers

You know very well that the more WhatsApp group and WhatsApp number you have, the more you can get money from WhatsApp. So you have to join several WhatsApp groups.

If you have a lot of WhatsApp numbers, then you can create WhatsApp Group or Broadcast and remember that you can only message up to 256 members in broadcast so you can message WhatsApp from different broadcasts.

If you have the above-mentioned item, you can make money from WhatsApp, so let's know now what you have to do to make money from WhatsApp, we are telling you about all the ways that you sit at home Can make money from WhatsApp apps

7 Best Ways to Make Money with WhatsApp

We are telling you the methods which are most used to earn money from Whatsapp, so you should use all these

Make Money From WhatsApp Through Affiliates Marketing

We have kept Affiliates marketing for the first place because it is a way to earn a lot of money and this is also the best way to earn money from WhatsApp.

As you know, everyone likes to shop online today. Such people can get around you or you can be in your friends and family. You have to make a group of all these people.

After this you have to join the affiliate program of online shopping website according to the needs of these people like Amazon, Flipkart, sandeal, etc and these people have to share the link to that stuff, after which the people who buy that stuff You will get the money.

Affiliate marketing is a way to share a link to any item and if someone buys it by clicking on it then you get a commission.

Make Money From WhatsApp Through Link Shortening

This is also a very easy way to earn money from WhatsApp because you just have to make a link and then share it and when someone clicks on that link, you get the money.

You have to find such a topic and copy its link ie URL and then shorten it with the help of the Link Shortening website. For this, you can use the adf.ly website as it is used mostly to earn money from Link Shortening in today's time.

After this, you have to share it with more people on WhatsApp when someone clicks on this link, then they first see an advertisement of 5 seconds that you get money. The more clicks you get, the more money you earn.

Make Money From WhatsApp Through the Referral Program

You never have to send a link to an app that you get some money after signing in on WhatsApp and other people get money from other people. Which is called Refer Program.

You get to see such great apps in the google play store. Just like you got 25 after logging in to the Paytm App, in the same way, after joining Dream 11 fantasy cricket, you get 100 rupees and if you join other people with your Refer link then you also get 50- Get up to Rs 100

It is very important for you to know that when you join such a program, there is a limit to withdraw money like 20-50-100, etc. after which you can withdraw money.

Make Money From WhatsApp Through PPD Network

Today the internet has become cheaper and its speed has also increased. So whenever any new thing comes to the internet like people like Song, movie, Games, viral video, important Document PDF, etc. they download it instantaneously

For this, first of all, you have to join PPD ie Pay Per Download network and after that, there is a need to upload anything that people want to download.

Just then you have to share the link to that file on WhatsApp, after which the people who download it will get the money. The more downloads you earn, the more money you will earn.

Make Money From Whatsapp With Paid Promotion

Today, most people use digital marketing to reach their service and product to the logo and sell it. You can do digital marketing even with WhatsApp.

1. Promote Apps

2. Local Business Promotion Can

3. Website and Blog Promotion

4. Youtube Channel can Promotion

5. Facebook Page and Facebook Group Promotion.

6. Can Promote New Product

Make Money from WhatsApp by Selling Your Goods

If you do any business, believe that you can spread your business and make money by using WhatsApp. Therefore, the WhatsApp Business App is launched separately.

It's a powerful way to add people to your business so you have to find them on WhatsApp and create a list that can buy your stuff and then share your luggage and share them on WhatsApp.

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