What is Ethical Hacking Full Explain

What is Hacking ?

Ethical hacking is a Process to  identify the computer networks Vulnerability or Weakness  find the weakness the solve the problem, Any Computer Hacker thief the details Credit Card Details, Document information, 

Types of Hacker

  1. White Hat Hacker (Second name of hacker)
  2. Black Hat Hacker  (illegal Way)
  3. Gray Hat Hacker  (white+black) , Find the bug Bounding

Goals Of Ethical Hacking

Protect The Privacy of the Organisation been Hacked

Transparently Report all the identified weakness in the computer system to the organisation

Inform Hardware and software vendors of the identified weakness 

Importance of Ethical Hacker

What is Security Threat ?

" Any Risk that can potential harm a computer system is Known as a security threat."

It is a Two Types:-

                               1. Physical Threats                        2. Non-Physical Threats

Physical Threats Types
  • Internal 
  • External
  • Human
Non- Physical Threats
  • Worms
  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Spyware

Ethical Hacker Skills

  • Know Programming Language (HTML, JS, JAVA,PYTHON, SQL, BASH, RUBY ETC.)
  • In Depth Knowledge of Operating System(WINDOWS, MAC, KALI , ETC).
  • Networking Knowledge in essential.

 Ethical Hacker Tools



➤ NMAP ( Network scan  )

➤ acuneticx (mimic the hacking)

➤ HASHCAT (Password Retrieved )

➤  SQLMAP ( find Database vulnerability )

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a art of manipulating users of a computing system into revealing  confidential information that can be used to gain reauthorized access to a Computer system.

Social Engineering Technique 


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