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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Mobile Lunching is Coming Soon, Waiting is about to end | what will happen in 5G Mobile, After 4G Mobile coming 5G Mobile what Feature in this Mobile 5GYou wonder what will we see in this mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t fold, it doesn’t have 5G – not quite yet, anyway – and it looks a whole lot like the Galaxy S9 from last year, but none of that precludes it from being the smartphone to beat in 2019. While curiosities like the Galaxy Fold may be teasing unusual form-factors, and next-generation 5G networks promise ridiculous speed for those lucky few in launch markets, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ bring their formidable talents to bear on the mainstream.

Key Specification

Processor1.9GHz octa-core
Front Camera10-megapixel + 0.038-megapixel
OSAndroid 9.0
Rear Camera
12-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 16-megapixel + 0.038-megapixel

The Galaxy S10e is the entry-level phone, with a 5.8-inch display that’s flat rather than curved, and one fewer camera on the rear. Finally – and not expected to go on sale until the Summer, in the US at least – the Galaxy S10 5G gets the biggest screen, at 6.7-inches, along with a bigger battery, and of course 5G support.

Galaxy S10 design and the Infinity-O display

Even in a market full of glassy slabs, Samsung’s glassy slabs have a strong visual identity. For the Galaxy S10, the back now gets a beautiful pearlescent finish which Samsung calls “Pearl”; it’s available in white, black, and blue, but the colors actually shift widely depending on the angle you’re holding them. The Prism White Galaxy S10+, for example, can be anything from glistening ivory through to a burnished pink with green tones. Samsung will also offer Flamingo Pink and, in the top-spec Galaxy S10+ models, real ceramic in white and black, too.
On the S10, it looks like someone took a hole-punch to the screen. The S10+, though, has two front cameras, and so its cut-out is a lozenge shape
The first Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor
The screen’s last secret is Samsung’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, a first on a smartphone. While other phones have used in-display fingerprint sensors, they’ve relied on different technology to deliver them: they’ve also been, in my experience, fairly frustrating in everyday use. Samsung’s decision to adopt an in-display sensor comes in no small part down to design.
Galaxy S10 cameras

Samsung has made photography a central selling-point of its smartphones in recent years, and the Galaxy S10 is no different. It adds an Ultra Wide camera to the rear, with a 16-megapixel sensor and an f/2.2 lens covering a full 123-degrees. It sits alongside the regular 12-megapixel camera with a 77-degree field of view that, thanks to Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology can switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 lenses.
Performance and Battery
With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor (in the US, at least) across the board, the Galaxy S10 family can’t be described as underpowered. 8GB of memory is standard on the S10 and S10+ too; the S10e has both 6GB and 8GB versions. The heaviest hitters can get a Galaxy S10+ with a ridiculous 12GB of RAM. It seems near-unnecessary to point out that you almost certainly don’t need that for anything more than bragging rights.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Verdict
The Galaxy S10 family are flagship phones at flagship prices. Even the most affordable S10e still costs $750; a Galaxy S10 128GB is $900, and the Galaxy S10+ starts out at $1,000. Max out the S10+ and you’re looking at $1,600. Yes, that’s basically what you’ll pay for Apple’s 2018 iPhone range, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an astonishing amount to splash out on a smartphone
Galaxy S10 Plus
Cost: $1,000, £899, AU$1,499Screen size: 6.4 inchesCompetition: iPhone XS Max, LG G8 ThinQ, Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6T, Galaxy S10
What it is: The largest, priciest Galaxy S10 phone with the most cameras: three on the back and two on the front. Phenomenal battery life, and 512GB and 1TB options that come with a ceramic backing. This is an excellent, everything phone with great photography and few compromises. Read my full Galaxy S10 Plus review.

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